Networking at Work: How To Advance In Your Company With Networking

When you want to advance yourself in your company, a good way is to get involved with projects that senior managers are working on. They will usually want to know that you are serious about your own work first so do a good job on any project that comes your way.

The first thing you will need is to know how to get involved. The way to do this is to talk to your boss first and ask what projects might be available. Also make yourself available in staff meetings for specific tasks that might come up. Be the first one to offer your help if you have the time.

When your boss knows that you are good at keeping your word and getting projects done on time, you can also ask to be considered for new opportunities that come to his desk. Also, get to know senior management’s executive assistant. This individual can be very important to your growth within the company.

This PA will know what projects their senior manager is working on and where they might need help. If you have built a relationship with this person they may mention your name when something comes up.

Make sure that you let people in your company know about what you are doing. Send an email out or a mini-press release to let people know who you are, the department you work in and the projects that you are doing. No one can accept you for a project if they do not know you exist.

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